This site is a Guide to Forensic Medicine solely pertaining to the Medico Legal investigation of the dead. The contents are intended to lead the Doctors, Medical Students, Lawyers and the Police officers through the basic Knowledge of the Subject and the procedures that are needed in the examination of the dead body found under Obscure, suspicious, or frankly criminal circumstances. The Concise nature of the Topics is to give maximum information, which can be easily referred and understood, due to the added simplicity of the text...

The subject matter is chosen in a way so as to cover all the basic facts of Deaths and its varieties commonly witnessed during the Medico Legal work. Many conventions has been discarded in this site. The Author feels that it is time consuming to defend each lesion, its pathology, Anatomy or the Legal aspects and also it may deviate from the sole objective of its precise nature of the topics covering Death Investigation.

Forensic or Legal medicine (Forensic-of or used in Courts of Law) deals with the application of medical knowledge to aid in the administration of justice. It is used by the legal authorities for the solution of legal problems

Medical jurisprudence is the older term in English usage, but now forensic medicine or legal medicine have become more common descriptions, except perhaps in Scotland.

A Successful Forensic Pathologist is the one who has amazed his knowledge through experience, commonsense and ScientificInterpretation. Teaching and Discussion is another method of understanding the subject. The secrets of Disease or Crime is always hidden in the Silent soul -The Dead Body.

The Author Expresses his heartfelt gratitude for those departed souls without whom this site would not have existed..


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